Triple Screen Trading System:

This is an adaptation of the trading system developed by Dr. Alexander Elder and explained in his book "Trading For A Living". The original Triple Screen System applied three tests or screens to every trade. The system described here will apply tests consisting of scans made from PCFs and also use indicator screens to help locate stocks with a possible future move. Because TC2000 does not support exponential moving averages in PCFs I will be using simple instead. This set up is looking for stocks to go long on only.


1.) Dr. Elder uses the 13 day MA as his trend indicator.
#1-ELTR =

2.) Elder-ray helps you see when bulls and bears become stronger or weaker.
#2-ELBP =
#3-ELBP =
#4-ELBLP =

3.) Force Index is a highly sensitive indicator of the short-term force of bulls and bears. Buy when 2-day MA of Force Index turns negative during uptrends.
#5-ELFI =
((((V*(C-C1))+(V1*(C1-C2)))/2)<0) AND ((((V1*(C1-C2))+(V2*(C2-C3)))/2)>0)

You should place a buy order above the high price of that day. If the uptrend resumes and prices rally, you will be stopped in on the long side. If prices continue to decline, your order will not be executed.. Then lower your buy order to within one tick of the high of the latest bar. Once your buy stop is triggered, place a protective stop below the low of the trade day or the previous day, whichever is lower.

4) Volume PCF. I like to use a volume PCF to stay away from low volume stocks. If you have your own favorite PCF for this you can use it here.
#6-ELVOL =
(AVGV126>1000) AND (V>AVGV63)

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ISEE was the only stock selected by this scan on 06-25-1999.

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